PalatableSell Inc.

  • We research markets using modern sophisticated techniques and advanced software.
  • Our experts select the best products and power customers confidence with trustable information.
  • We simplify how to find and buy online the highest demand products which already were really helpful for many users.
  • We research and develop new innovative products.

PalatableSell Inc. performs research and provides information independently of any product’s vendor, selecting the best choices based on own expertise.     

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About Barry

This is Faust on a lithograph by Eugene Delacroix – definitely doesn’t look like me

I started writing about myself and suddenly realized I just tried to “spin” some ideas from the Faust by J W Goethe. Briefly, I learned physics, math, software, some medicine, arts, and even esoterics, etc. I worked as a research scientist, entrepreneur, manager, engineer, co-authored books. Many times I had success and failures, and always strove to a new challenge. Nevertheless, with all my background, there are yet so many things to learn in the current fast-changing world. As one of these things, sadly I’m still behind the world’s recent move to the Internet and need in much more knowledge just to understand what’s going on. Fortunately, nowadays there is no need to sell a soul in exchange for new knowledge, and there is no magic to provide an infinitive knowledge instantly, so I joined to Partnership to Success program to learn and mastering in IM, digital product creation and promotion: step-by-step, with no rush, learning from others and helping others.