How can small businesses attract customers?

Festive events are an amazing way to cause genuine joy, entice new leads and build more loyal customers for your business. But how do you come up with the idea of an event that forces people to want to visit and then spread information among their own communities?

Holidays are a great time to think about new and unusual ways for your marketing. The ideal marketing idea for the holiday season is to create own or just use upcoming common events effectively: for a long time, customers will remember a joy and associate these wonderful memories with thoughts about this business.

Here is an example of events that drove in customers.

At the beginning of February, people from many Asian countries celebrate the Lunar New Year (it is often called Chinese New Year). In New York, each year there is an astonishing costumed parade, in many boroughs of the city, with a lot of music and dances. The most exciting is a traditional colorful lion dancing: lions bring good luck and drive evil spirits away.

As a customer, would you like to see this dance performed in a regular barber shop?

Lion dance in a barber shop – 2019, a year of Pig

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