Currently, Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites, where people share their pictures. But Instagram is not much friendly to accounts displaying “hot” sexy pictures, even models with millions of followers sometimes cannot avoid banning their accounts .

Larisa Potkina, a young woman from the Russian province got 47,000 followers on her Instagram account . How did she manage it? She just did not do like others. On her account, you will not see any photos neither videos. She simply imagines and  describes non-existent photos with plain text. As she explains, when she just created an account, her boyfriend hadn’t bought an iPhone yet, so she decided post picture descriptions instead of pictures. Even instead of a page header photo, she just posted “I’m in underwear”

It turned out text replacements for sexy pictures are fine for Instagram, and her posts quickly became popular. Following are a few samples of them (translated from Russian)

In the pool. She put her hands on the side. Pulled out her batts and breasts. Lowered her eyes.

Two tanned knees on the background of the sea.

Selfie in the gym, sideways. Leggings and a topic are on me.

I sexy sit on the floor surrounded by branded bags with a bunch of flowers.

Selfie in a toilet.

Advertise Bangladeshi face cream. Because I am a star.

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