Our website Sciatica 2018 (now renamed to Sciatica 2019) for about half a year keeps its position on top of the Google’s SERP (for search keyword “sciatica survival kit”), over 500 – 600 thousand of other sites – just some paid ads sometimes appear over it for a short time, but then we again on the top, not only the site but also a few separate pages from it! And even multiple pictures from our site (with the link to the site) are listed on Google’s Images for sciatica survival kit. And what is amazing, we submitted our site to Google and never cared about Bing – and now for the same search on Bing, we have our site also on the top, over more than 2 million search results! This site is affiliated with Amazon, promoting products which can help to alleviate pain for sciatica sufferers. Our experts selected a few groups of products: natural medicine, tools for physiotherapy, massage, inversion therapy, goods for better sleep and comfort. We added image links from Amazon, added some product descriptions. This site was created with Wix – it took much efforts to create an affiliate site and adjust it for phones, but as a bonus, we could provide nice customization using rich set of tools and free pictures provided. Also, SEO there works perfectly.

Nevertheless, if you browse through sites in the same niche, you can find many with better graphic, better product descriptions, stunning blogs, etc. Why our site is still on the top, above all those perfect sites, for about a half a year? Now we’re ready to disclose our secret which we believe does the trick.

In our company, we considered various fields to deal with, and one of them was selling products on Amazon. To search for products on Amazon, we bought a tool which is widely used by Amazon sellers: Jungle Scout. Among other features, this tool allows estimate monthly sales for each product in a selected group, and this is the most precise estimation in comparison with other tools on market. Having this tool, we started use it for our affiliate site: in each group of products, we can easily find the best selling ones, so we not only can find the best products to promote but can show buyers which product are in the highest demand or sometimes select a product with low demand and explain why we think it is undervalued. This gives us a double benefit: customers trust us being pursued with the real number we use to find the best products for them. And the main thing, Google, Bing, Yahoo like our site because each month we update numbers on multiple pages: we don’t have blogs, we don’t change texts – just update numbers!

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    • Barry

      It is still on the top – after more than a year!

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