One of the most difficult problems in affiliated marketing is to find the best products which would help buyers with their specific needs and allow marketers to have some profit. This problem even harder if you work in such a complicated niche as alternative medicine.

We use the most advanced intelligent search approach based on the power of Internet search engines, specialized software, professional opinion of our highly knowledgeable experts and personal treatment experience: see our site.

To start, we find out what are the main parts of the problem that we want to find solutions for. For instance, two major sciatica symptoms are pain and inflammation. We search on the Internet for these specific terms and relevant phrases (long keywords) – this gives many ideas what are usable for solving the problem. Usually, there are too many choices come up, while some very important answers get hidden. On this stage, we use the expertise of our analysts to sort out the most promising opportunities. Next, we are brainstorming the problem to find out what we could have missed – this helps us reveal what was left out and which of the hidden areas we discovered could turn out to be useful and important.

After search and brainstorming for areas where we may find some palatable products, we go back to the most popular search engines (like Google, Bing, Amazon) to narrow down search areas and specify product groups.

How to find a leader in each group? For this the most difficult part of the search we use advanced software provided by Jungle Scout, which gives accurate and reliable Amazon sales data and estimates product sales with high precision. This software provides an opportunity to compare products in a specific group and find out which products are of the highest demand. Since Amazon represents a huge part of the online market, estimation results are the most likely usable for other platforms.

With the help from Jungle Scout tools, as know-how of our site, we let the customers see the monthly sales on each product we select – to let our site visitors compare and understand how we chose the best solution for them. Customers may conduct their own search through our site as well and see whether they can find a better solution for their problem.

When the best seller in each group is determined, we can review the product features and analyze customers’ reviews that describe how effectively the product was used. If the group’s best seller has at least the same or better features than other products in the group and there are many positive reviews for it, we put it on a top as a “palatable choice”.

Sometimes we can find out the best seller is less effective than another product in the same group – in this case, we put the more effective product on the top of the “palatable choice” despite smaller demand.

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    • James Utterson

      Thanks for an excellent post on finding products and I especially like the part where you recommend researching what people’s needs are. Too often products are created before there’s even been any thought as to whether people actually want or need it. The old saying ‘build it, and they will come’ is a load of nonsense in most scenarios.

    • Barry

      Hi James,
      Your comment is the very first on this new website – THANKS!

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