This very old phrase from Aeneid written by Virgil usually rephrased as
“Beware of Greeks bearing gifts” has a lot of meaning for internet marketers. When we buy some tools which we hope we need to improve our performance and earn some more money, we very often make a decision based on bonuses which a seller generously gives us – but we should always remember that old story about the Trojan Horse!

Unfortunately, some sellers are not very familiar with Internet security and don’t even know the best practices: each piece of software must be tested on viruses and malware before it is issued to customers. Neither many customers are not aware that each piece of software they get from somebody must be tested on viruses and malware!

Fortunately, it is easy for everybody to use an online tool and get test results in minutes. The tool we usually use is  – it is free and is very efficient. You just need to drag & drop your file (or click button Open File to set a pathto start testing.

VirusTotal - screenshot
VirusTotal – always use to check your bonuses you receive or give to others!

The tool uses multiple test engines – this gives high confidence in test results. Usually an existing problem is detected by multiple engines, but in some cases only a few specialized engines can detect a virus or malware. Would you like to add a trojan to your website?

Nice generous bonus – with a trojan and malware!

One more beautiful feature of VirusTotal – you can insert URL of any site and test it! – clean!

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